For me, the perfect wedding is the one that's been thrown together, an elopement that turned rogue and has become a celebration with friends and family in the wings. It's the wedding that's about the marriage first, and then the details. You don't need all that other stuff to get married. You don't even need a photographer. You just need two people who want to be together. That's what I believe in and specialize in...marriages, not weddings. 

I also believe that creating a beautiful archival record of milestones and important moments is meaningful, especially as time marches forward and our memory fades. I believe you should do or have whatever you want on your wedding day, not what the wedding industry says you should have; I believe in marriage equality; and I believe that whatever way you choose to marry…  in a field, on the beach, at the top of the courthouse… is the perfect way to marry.

Now this is usually the part where a photographer will tell you how many awards they’ve won and how many weddings they’ve had published in The Knot Magazine. I don’t actually care about any of that stuff, and I’m guessing you probably don’t either. You can get a stack of awards, and still not be able to tell a story with your photographs in an honest, real way.

I don't shoot for style me pretty. I shoot for you. My photos are dreamy and romantic because I think that's what love is and what weddings are. I believe in making photos that are true to your story, that are individual and unique. 

So enough about me, tell me about you


Note: I am not available for weddings until after June 1, 2016. 

Susan Simmons is a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Detroit and Marfa, but she willI travel most anywhere. Susan shoots 10 weddings a year so she can offer her clients personal service. Susan is now booking weddings for 2016-2017.